Monday, September 12, 2011

Swedish Film Institute backs 'Easy Money' follow up

LONDON -- The Swedish Film Institute has granted $4 million in production funding to 6 feature projects, such as the follow up to drug thriller "Fast MoneyInch and also the comeback from the "Hamilton" spy franchise.Fast Money II" may be the follow-as much as this years worldwide action hit in regards to a youthful guy employed by a cocaine dealer.The follow up, that has received $1.two million in the SFI, is going to be directed by Iranian-born Babak Najafi, a rising star of Swedish cinema whose debut "Sebbe" won best film finally year's Golden Bugs.Within the Interest of the united statesInch marks the return of super-spy Carl Hamilton, the Swedish same as Mission Impossible, greater than a decade after his last giant screen outing. Danish helmer Kathrine Windfeld is pointing part one of the new trilogy in line with the best-selling books by Jan Guillou. The SFI has granted the project $760,000. Among other honours, Staffan Lindberg directs "Not So Long Ago in Phuket," an intimate comedy occur Thailand, which receives $910,000.Norwegian author/director Sara Manley is granted $150,000 for "The Only Goal Is Past," a drama in regards to a lady who reconnects together with her childhood sweetheart.The SFI has additionally granted $530,000 for children project "Hocus Pocus, Alfie Atkins" by director Torill Kove.Maud Nycander and Kristina Lindstrom get $380,000 for "Palme," a documentary concerning the murder of Swedish pm Olof Palme. Contact the range newsroom at

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