Friday, February 17, 2012

Warner Bros. In some way Planning Another I'm Legend for Will Cruz

At some point following a critical and commercial success of his 2007 publish-apocalyptic blockbuster I'm Legend, director Francis Lawrence entertained the idea of returning with star Will Cruz for prequel, but eventually that possibility trailed off and Lawrence casted doubt onto his participation using the potential project. However nowadays Warner Bros. introduced an offer with Akiva Goldsman and Overbrook Entertainment, who've drawn on film writer Arash Amel to create a follow-as much as the $584M hit. Whether it will be a prequel or some kind of direct follow up is unknown, climax apparently being produced for Cruz. Let us speculate away: Precisely how WB may possibly accomplish another installment? Why is the project a curious -- and, frankly, conspicuous -Body may be the means by which Lawrence ended I'm Legend, according to Richard Matheson's 1954 sci-fi novel. [Spoiler alert] Carrying out a global pandemic that destroyed 90% from the world's population, researcher Robert Neville (Cruz) had only discovered a remedy when, in the film's conclusion, he faced an onslaught of mutated vampire-people solo and apparently met their own demise. Obviously WB wants their star and the notoriously potent box office draw to headline another I'm Legend movie. A prequel would explain Smith's presence most easily, but Deadline indicates that will not be. Just how might they bring Cruz back otherwise? Retcon the final scene within the first film, while using alternate ending by which Neville makes grudging peace using the vampire thingies? Maybe the children colony has cloning abilities? Hell, why don't you generate a lengthy-lost twin brother for Neville who grew to become an excellent virologist too - I'm Also Legend? Whatever it works out to become, a minimum of it features a shot at being "among the finest movies available,Inch amirite? Warner Bros Plans More I'm Legend With Will Cruz [Deadline]

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