Monday, June 13, 2011

Escaped Book Trailer

Escaped Book Trailer [2]
Here is the newer, better version for the book Escaped written by me.
I am writing it now so it is not out to read Here is the book page: Every girls dream, is my nightmare.
Correre, Princess of Mera, lives loved my everyone and with servants
for her every need. The only problem is, she hates it. Correre has
had to live her whole life as princess, a stupid, stupid, princess.
When she gets a chance to escape she takes it. When she runs upon a
group of female hunters she ask for their help. In return she will
take them to the place that know one has return, they accept. But
will Benetta, their paranoid leader, find the truth? Will they figure
out that she is a runaway princess? From:
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