Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This song is amazing, but confusing- help?

Okay, so I'm listening to Passion- Utada Hikari and I just think it
sounds beautiful, so I listened to Sanctuary- Utada Hikari (english
verson on Passion) and I noticed, towards the end Utada added more
words to Passion in Japanese, so can someone translated them? And,
I've looked up the song meanings for Passion, but people say that the
song's meaning is different than how it is translated in English, can
someone tell me what the Japanese verson is about? So in other words-

1. What's the Japanese words Utada added towards the end of Passion,
translated to English,
2. What's the meaning of Passion, and how is it different than
3. Do you like the song? Rate 1-10

Thanks! :P

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