Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What song is this? I know the lyrics but can't find the title or artists anywhere on the internet.?

Its an amazing reggae song, very mellow with three part harmony, tight
like the Abyssinians or congos or something, the refrain is "irie,
irie, rasta man, irie irie, congoman, ethiopia we must go, on a bright
and sunny day"

It starts with an acappela section that goes "from creation, we are
here. separation, we must bear".
Its a simple chord progression probably with the 1 4 5 chords.
The song is on a mix I listen to at work, but my boss can't remember
the artist. I really need to know. I've had this song stuck in my head
for a week now, the first thing I do when I go into work is put the
song on to relieve it.
Help is much appreciated. I gotta find this band.

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