Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Say if the zombie apocolypse began this week, would you?

just give up and become one of them, have some fun and kill some
zombies then save the last bullet for yourself or would you be a

If you think you would be a survivor, why and if you could pick four
other people in the whole world to make your zombie killing/surviving
team, who would they be?

I would definitely be a survivor, cause I don't care much for people,
I know everything there is to know about zombie apocalypse (I like
zombies) and killing some zombie would be fun.

And the four other people I'd choose to make my team would be Milla
Jovovich, Jesse Eisenberg, some random doctor, my brother and my
friend Rey (cause he would have as much fun as me and would literally
probably kill any of us, if we even get the lightest scratch, so I
guess every team, needs THAT guy) XD

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